Star Trek - Klingon Academy v1.0.2 patch


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Changes made by the patch are:
Checksum check to validate ships added to multiplayer.
Starbases no longer are spawned too close to each other.
Weapon's (in fact, all resources) recharge rate problem after warping fixed. The prior symptoms were rapid weapon firing after warping to several systems in QuickBattle.
We fixed the problem where in-system warp would slow down to a crawl if you went to gunnery chair.
You can no longer tractor ships while doing an in-system warp.
A problem was fixed in ships would get too close to a planet when the helmsman was given a command to orbit a target and the target was a planet without an atmosphere.
The wingman capture command was refined so that it is now less likely to destroy an enemy ship that it is trying to capture. The nVidia problem where plasma is being drawn on the celestial sphere can be addressed by getting the updated nVidia video card drivers (Detonator 618 drivers).

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