FireArms v2.8 Full Client [windows]


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Firearms is a modification of Valve Software's computer game, Half-Life. It's a realistic modification of the game, that focuses on teamplay with Half-Life gameplay altered to the extreme. New rules, new content, and 30 new weapons. It features multiplay only, and therefore it is only playable online or on a local area network. In order to play Firearms, you need to own a copy of Half-Life. Firearms being developed by the FA team and it's a non-commercial project. We are developing Firearms because we think it's fun. In Firearms you play in teams, or rather armed forces. Every time you join or start a game, you will join one of the two forces being Red or Blue. Each time you choose what weapons and optional items you want, a kevlar vest is required gear though. Each force has an certain amount of reinforcements, which stands by and are thrown into action as a game progresses. When there are no reinforcements left, and all active soldiers have the been killed, the standing team wins the battle. There are lots of different scenarios and mission objectives in Firearms, and the above rules is the basic way it plays on all of them. Each individual soldier is awarded ranks as he gets better and when he helps the team. You can also gain skills as you advances in rank. Bandages can heal your gun shot wounds, but they won't make you gain in health points, so you should be aware of the danger lurking all places, when you and your team moves into enemy territory.

Added ability for medics to heal before the maximum amount they can heal has been lost.
Added ability to treat concussions to medics.
Added ammobox hit effects.
Added battlefield information ability to the leadership skill.
Added concussion effect to concussion grenades.
Added CTI items to the compass.
Added delays to applying sulphur, suturing, and bandaging.
Added entity optimization system (cl_optimizedraw).
Added mortar statistics to the HUD.
Added Night Vision Goggles.
Added nomenclature ability to Sterling L2A3MK4 (new model included).
Added PKM with bipod functionality in place of the Steilhandgrenate.
Added rain and snow weather systems.
Added Remington M870 in place of the Benelli M3.
Added scope sway system.
Added secondary fire to grenades (new model included).
Added sounds for bandaging, merging magazines and grenade fuses.
Added VGUI based respawn menu.
Added VGUI based end game screen.
Added new event based shell ejection system for all view models.
Fixed audible claymores with stealth skill.
Fixed breathing sound playing after player's death.
Fixed claymore setting to trip mode if bandaging while the clacker is out.
Fixed death animation abnormalities while prone in water.
Fixed double fog bug.
Fixed iFeel support.
Fixed levitation.
Fixed server and client deploy times being out of sync.
Fixed sv_useskills 3 bug (getting stuck in skills menu).
Fixed the respawn menu not displaying automatically.
Fixed various other minor bugs. Too numerous to list.
Fixed various view height and hull problems.
Fixed various weapon balance issues. Too numerous to list.
Cleaned up lots of unused code.
Reduced chance of getting stuck on corpses.
New maps:

Updated maps:


"cl_optimizedraw" allows you to enable entity based optimizations which may result in a performance increase on slower machines. However, this may also cause extreme visual abnormalities in certain situations. default: 0

"cl_weather" allows you to enable or disable Firearms' particle based weather systems. Slower computers will experience a slight performance increase with this set to 0. default: 1

"cl_weathereffects" enables or disables weather based effects, such as water splashes. Slower computers will experience a slight performance increase with this set to 0. default: 1

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