X3: Terran Conflict Patch v1.01 to v1.3


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X³: Terran Conflict Update 1.3

This is an update for any previous version.

The Update fixes many issues which have been bothering players as well as adding new features. We also listened to your feedback and rebalanced the game accordingly. Here is a brief summary of the changes:

* New commands for controlling Freight Drones
* Improved Shipyard trade menu
* Rebalanced mission enemies and rewards
* Mission guidance can now be disabled
* A new capital ship makes an appearance in some missions
* Many more fixes and improvements

Additional information about X³: Terran Conflict 1.3 can be found in the 1.3 News Post.

Attention: This update is not compatible with the Steam version of X3TC! The Steam client will automatically update your game files.

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