Half-Life 2 - Obsidian Conflict Beta


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After the combine invasion of earth, the combine believed some humans had potential to become great warriors.
They believed that it was possible to pinpoint the outstanding person or persons with a series of tests. They called these,

The Obsidian Trials.

You are a former prisoner of earth, taken from your cell to a Combine Research facility in the arctic. There in the dome
used to generate their huge holographic worlds, you are faced with a challenge. You have been placed in a holographic space
so realistic that you can't tell the difference between the real world and the fake.
Is what you face real, or just an illusion?

The combine have promised you freedom, do you believe them? Do you forge an alliance with your fellow inmates or do you
turn on them and fight to win no matter how many lives are lost?

This is the Obsidian Conflict.

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