Battlefield 1918 v1.3


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Battlefield 1918 is a WWI modification for Battlefield 1942.
This mod is meant to be historically accurate, and it includes old time classics such as the A7V Tank, Mercedes Simplex and even the Fokker Plane.

This is a full version of Battlefield 1918. It is recommended to deinstall the older version. Please reinstall with the new version

Changelog from 1.15 up to 1.30

*Mont Kemmel Bridge fixed
*Rate of Fire FT17 decreased
*unnessecary Mapfiles deleted
*Ehrhardt with 360 dregree turret rotaion
*integrate all maps in the CVS system
*Mapbriefings Chemin and Langemarck
*Daimler AI fixed
*Caudron Fixes
*Caudron Sounds changed
*Charron Sounds changed
*Taxi sound added
*bugfixing A7V-Sounds
*unnessecary sounds deleted
*Erhardt Sound added
*Chamond Sound added
*FT17 Sound added
*Soundinformation reworked, Soundbugs fixed, Soundformats reworked
*Barkasse Model, Barkasse Code
*rotation speed field ari increased
*Charron - driver and gunner is now a single position
*L30 more moveable, Bombs reworked
*A7V and Chamond MG field of fire increased
*Lebaudy Ari more Splash Damage
*MedPack strongly increased
*Daimler Truck AntiAir added
*Daimler Truck added
*Daimler Truck Infantry Support added
*Lebaudy Artillery requesting added (pilot secondary fire)
*Lorraine-Dietrich 6x2 Bus added
*Caudron Gunner added
*Update HandMG's
*Zeppelin MG angle increased
*Renault Taxi 20% decreased size
*Ari Battery fixed

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