Grand Prix 4 Patch v4.0


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This patch will update Grand Prix 4 to version 4.0.

Sometimes on the track (any motor circuit), when the heat haze is actived, then the car who precedes (or who follows) the player's car disappears. This bug is visible with the camera behind the player's car and when there is some distance between the two cars.

The game will lock up and freeze during the sound calibration sequence. This is common with installed Sound Blaster Audigy chipsets. This bug has been reported by the GB hotline. Not seen in our tests...

Pit crew disappearing
When the pit crew pushes cars back into the pit, they sometimes disappear and reappear. Most seen from the helmet cam view.

Installer only checks the presence of DirectX 8.0

The installer check the presence of DirectX 8.0 instead of DirectX 8.1.

Game droppped to windows desktop

The game will install fully. When the player launches for the first time the Safe disk splash screen appears, then the program will drop to the windows desktop. Sometimes the program will show a full blask screen before dropping out. This occurs on a wide variety of different PC system and so far there does not appear to be a common to any particular CD/DVD-Rom drive. This bug has been reported by the GB hotline. Not seen in our tests...

Disk2 asked during installation

During installation the program installs to 58% (other figures can occur). Stops and then asks for disk2 to be inserted. The install is then aborted. The game is a 1disk title. This bug really looks like the one which occured with Japanese, Greek and Hebrew OS. Maybe people who had this installation problem tried to install on a Indian or other OS. This bug has been told by the GB hotline. Not seen in our tests...

Pits drop down monitor

In hotseat mode, while qualifying, when you change player, while viewing the drop down monitor in the pits, it displays the wrong laptimes/drivers. This is a bug from forum. Not seen in our tests.

Best lap time in qualifications

Sometimes the game will post wrong lap/qual times in the skybox messages. Skybox show a new fastest lap/pole time set by player A, but it displays the wrong lap time, the one just beaten. The displaying of the beaten pole time seems only to happen when the player beats a pole time he himself has set previously or set by an AI.

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