Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Patch v1.05


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Command & Conquer(tm) Red Alert(tm) 3
Version 1.05 Patch Notes - December, 2008

This patch for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 fixes several exploits and bugs, improves balance, provides assorted user interface enhancements, and more.

• During Skirmish and Multiplayer games, Engineers will now take several seconds to successfully capture a structure. During this time
the Engineer will be vulnerable to attack.

• Reduced the power requirement for the Empire of the Rising Sun Refinery from 55 to 50.

• Reduced the cost of the Allied Harvester from 1400 to 1000.

• The Allied Refinery's sell price has been increased from 300 to 500.

• The Vindicator should now do 50% less damage versus Empire of the Rising Sun Cores.

• The Mecha Tengu's anti-air weapon damage has been increased from 15 to 23.

• The Vindicator and Century Bomber will now properly receive the additional ammo if grounded when Advanced Aeronautics is purchased.

• Units in aggressive stance will now auto-acquire enemy Tank Busters in their spider holes.

• Fixed an exploit where players could get two infantry units out of a Power Plant when selling it.

• Construction Yards will now spawn an Engineer when destroyed.

• Construction Yards will now spawn an Engineer when sold on the water.

• Akula Subs will now be much easier to target as they surface to fire.

• The Soviet Ore Collector now has a proper cooldown time on its secondary ability.

• The Soviet Super Reactor will now damage aircraft when destroyed

• Fixed a bug where the Hammer Tank was not receiving a damage increase on its Leech Beam after attaining veterancy.

• The King Oni will now perform a melee attack when attacking enemies nearby, which will also cause meta-damage to infantry.

• Fixed a bug where Hospitals were not healing infantry units garrisoned inside vehicles.

• The Shogun will now properly fire all of its laser cannons when automatically attacking structures in aggressive stance.

• The Hammer Tank will now receive health when using its Leech Beam against an enemy that has Point Defense Drones.

• Fixed an exploit where players could get the Sky-wing to land on dry land.

• The map reveal from Observation Posts is no longer obstructed by various terrain heights.

• Engineers targeted with Cash Bounty will no longer provide funds when the engineer captures a structure.

• The Apocalypse Tank can now properly change targets when using its Magnetic Harpoon ability.

• Fixed an exploit where the Javelin Soldier could remain fully locked onto their target even after moving.

• Fixed a bug where the Terror Drone would maintain its Stasis Ray even though it switched to Dismantler Claws.

• Fixed an exploit where players could create more than 4 docking aircraft per airfield or airbase.

• Fixed an exploit where players could change faction right before the game countdown finished.

• Fixed an exploit where players could disconnect from games and still gain benefits to their record.

• In 2v2 team games, teammates will always start next to each other.

• Fixed exploits where the starting game countdown wouldn't stop if a player changed game parameters in the final second.

• Added several Co-op lobbies to the lobby list.

• Added the ability to see a player's stats in the online lobbies. By hovering over a player's name, this will display a summary of that player's wins, losses, and rank.

• Vertical sliders in the menus can now be scrolled using the mouse wheel.

• Added the Broadcast option under the Rules Tab for Custom online matches.

• When players change map size in the game setup screen, the appropriate number of slots will be opened.

• The custom match lobby list will now display icons for Clan, VOIP, Custom Map, and Passworded games in the Status column.

• Added the proper Observer panel when observing online matches.

• Added the ability to Whisper to players in different lobbies.

• Players can now see Whispers while in the Game Setup screen of an online match.

• The host of a Co-op campaign match will now receive a notification when they send an invite to other players.

• When editing hotkeys or VOIP settings, they will now only be changed for the current active profile.

• The player will no longer be kicked back to the main menu after entering an incorrect password for an online game.

• At least two extra mouse buttons can now be assigned to commands in the Custom Hotkeys screen.

• Added a visual indicator in-game to display whether a player is using Team or Global VOIP chat.

• Players will now receive a message that the lobby is full when attempting to join a full lobby.

• Added a refresh button onto the custom match lobby screen.

• Added more details into the invite request a player has received.

• Fixed a bug where Burst Drones were not inflicting damage when activating their secondary ability before attaching to a vehicle.

• Fixed a bug where the progress bar for structures was not displaying when their production was paused.

• Fixed a bug where the Terror Drones were receiving a garrison cursor when hovering over civilian buildings in the shroud.

• If the Stingray uses its secondary ability on water and then moves onto land, the ability button will now properly display the cooldown time.

• Fixed a bug where corrupted graphics would display when issuing Planning Mode commands extremely close to the selected unit.

• Fixed a bug where Spies would retain the Tesla effect after using Bribe while disguised as a Tesla Trooper.

• The Mission Menu map will now properly display bridges.

• The Riptide ACV will now properly fire its torpedoes when force firing in the water.

• A Terror Drone will now properly grey out the unpack command of an enemy unit affected by the Stasis Ray.

• Fixed a bug where units would potentially warp when being disengaged from an enemy Apocalypse Tank's magnetic harpoon.

• A Reverse Move command will no longer be cancelled when a non-movement secondary ability is toggled midway through the move command.

• Fixed a bug where the King Oni wouldn't do any damage with its Bull Rush if used before reaching its build waypoint.

• Empire of the Rising Sun vehicles can no longer transform through bridges.

• Fixed a bug where Empire of the Rising Sun cores were not unpacking if the player saved a game while the core was moving to its destination.

• Fixed a bug where hosting or joining a multiplayer match was causing your VOIP settings to default to Voice-Activated.

• Fixed a bug where VOIP settings were being set back to default after finishing a game.

• Torpedoes will no longer follow amphibious units onto land.

• Fixed a bug where the Twinblade would sometimes go underground when attempting to pick up passengers.

• Fixed a bug where the Terror Drone would sometimes have difficulty garrisoning inside a Twinblade.

• Fixed stability issues with joining, leaving, and re-joining network games.

• The research of Heightened and Max Clearance can now be continued after being paused.

• Twinblades will no longer be damaged when picking up a vehicle infected with a Terror Drone.

• Fixed an issue where aircraft would go underground when landing at their airfield or airbase.

• The Apocalypse Tank will now display its grinder effects on Medium and lower LOD

• Fixed a bug where your Co-commander's MCV would sometimes fail to unpack after destroying the Tesla Coils in mission Allied 03.

• Fixed a desync for when an observer toggled between players in an online match.

• Added DRM Deauthorization into both the launcher and Options menu in-game. Clicking the "Deauthorize" button will deauthorize the computer from playing Red Alert 3, allowing players to run the game on a different computer. Restarting the game on the original computer will reauthorize Red Alert 3 on that machine.

• Added status pips for units being healed by Hospitals.

• The Bullfrog can now target an area for passengers to be ejected even if that area is currently out of range.

• After the Free Trade power is purchased, additional numbers will now display from refineries indicating the power's benefit.

• Infantry will now play a meta-impact animation when hit with V4 rockets.

• Tanya will now receive a C4 cursor when hovering over enemyvehicles and ships.

• The Chrono Rift/Chasm/Fissure powers have had their portraits updated to better reflect the functionality of the powers.

• Commando units will no longer receive a garrison cursor when hovering over Ore Nodes and tech structures under the fog-of-war.

• Chrono Rifted units can now be selected by control group number after warping back in.

• Valid structures will now receive a rally point mouse cursor when hovering over bridges.

• Conscripts, Peacekeepers, and Imperial Warriors will now receive a counter-garrison cursor when hovering over valid civilian structure targets.

• The Yari Mini-Sub will now reliably hit Yuriko with its secondary kamikaze ability.

• Added Ammo Pips for respective units into their portrait.

• Units with the disguise ability will now display a unique disguise cursor when hovering over valid disguise targets.

• Burst Drones that are attached to units will now show up on the mini-map.

• Vehicles that have been pilot sniped can now be crushed appropriately.

• Added a sound effect for placing camera bookmarks.

• Added a sound effect for the game countdown timer

• Added Victory/Defeat music to the end of a multiplayer match.

• Improvements to how stats are tabulated in the post-game summary.

• Improved the overall AI management of Harvesters.

• Improved the push-to-talk functionality of VOIP while playing a Co-op campaign mission.

• Power Plants will now turn dark when infiltrated by an enemy unit.

• The Athena Cannon will now receive unique firing FX when it achieves Heroic veterancy.

• The Dolphin will now receive unique firing FX when it achieves Heroic veterancy.

• The Striker VX will now receive unique firing FX when it achieves Heroic Veterancy.

• The Sky-wing will receive unique firing effects when it achieves Heroic Veterancy.

• The wrench repair icon will now display on structures that are being repaired by your co-commander.

• Infantry units will now correctly evacuate from a transport vehicle that has been pilot sniped by Natasha.

• Replays will now provide users with a Telestrator.

• Added descriptive text for the "Destroy the Generators" bonus objective in campaign mission Allied 05.

• Added an extra health bar to the Athena Cannon to indicate the strength of its shield and/or point defense drones.

• The first unit selected for Chrono Swap will now have an icon denoting its selection.

• Infantry units will now fall to the ground when killed while parachuting.

• Expanded the variety of animations for Yuriko Omega.

• Added several people to the game's credits.

• Fixed various typos and made certain dialog messages more clear.

• Various other bug fixes.

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