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"Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales" is a naval game devoted to pirate adventures at the Caribbean seas of the 17th century, aiming to be the ultimate pirate simulation.

"Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales" models all the details of a sword swinging pirate's life and misses no part of his everyday adventures. Taking the role of reckless

fortune-hunter Blaze or redheaded daredevil Beatrice - the player will navigate his sailor in the original seas of the Caribbean, trade multiple goods, plunder merchant

convoys, accomplish quests, build up his fleet, capture and rule colonies and much more.

Following his lucky star he lives an endless life full of naval battles, bloody fights, treasure hunt and other adventures, in a world of piracy and sea romance. In

addition, the game can be played in third person perspective, allowing you to walk through your colonies or fight with your own sword, side by side with your crew, and

challenge every other captain on the sea!

Patch Info:


Please note that this patch is only compatible with Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales Version 1.41 or 1.42. If you have installed patch 1.43, we would recommend

uninstalling the game first, then reinstalling from the game disc before installing patch 1.5. All savegames from previous versions are compatible with version 1.5.

Prior to Installing the Game
Before attempting to install Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales, please verify that your computer meets system requirements.
1. Minimum Specifications and Controls

Windows XP, DirectX 9.0c
Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent
256 MB RAM
DirectX 9 GeForce 3 (not MX-series) class video card with 128 MB RAM DirectX-compatible soundcard
4 GB of hard drive space
Keyboard, mouse

Suggested Configuration:

Windows XP, DirectX 9.0c
Pentium IV 2.5 GHz or equivalent
DirectX 9 GeForce 6600 class video card
DirectX-compatible soundcard
4 GB of hard drive space
Keyboard, mouse

Update 1.5 Updates and Fixes
Please note that patch 1.5 is a combination of patch 1.42 and further updates.

>>>Specific to patch 1.42
1. The FMOD sound system library has been updated to increase stability and improve general game performance.
2. Bug fixing has been performed across the more prominent gameplay issues.
3. Compatibility with ATI Radeon graphics driver versions has been expanded.
4. Texturing has been added to the island vegetation, with improved Level of Detail.

>>>Specific to patch 1.43
1. Final updates made to FMOD sound system library to polish final game performance and reduce occurrences of instability.
2. Final fixes to game interfaces (shipyard, capture ship, ships speak, etc.).
3. Items/Quest Generation updated to be more efficient (algorithm reworked).
4. Colony Capture interface was fully redesigned for more usability.
5. Scripts opened for modding. Players can mod almost all aspects of game (creating new quests, changing interfaces and so on).

>>>Specific to patch 1.5
1. Save game compatibility updated.

Installing the Patch
1. Ensure that version 1.41 or 1.42 of Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales has been installed on your PC successfully.
2. Run the patch executable by double clicking on the file.
3. If requested, restart your PC.
4. Ensure your game disc is in your DVD-ROM drive.
5. Launch the title as normal (by double-clicking on the desktop icon, or select Age of Pirates - Caribbean tales from the Programs menu).

Uninstalling the Patch
Patch 1.5 is removed during a regular uninstallation of the title.

Regardless of your video card, make sure to download the latest drivers from your manufacturer. You should always be careful to follow the driver installation

instructions provided by the manufacturer.
If you do update your video drivers, ensure the game is reinstalled, including DirectX 9 (included on the Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales disc).
ALT+TAB may cause some game instability with some hardware configurations and is not advised. Please see the section Known Issues and Troubleshooting below for more


Video, Audio and Game Configuration
"Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales" includes a configuration utility that allows several options to be set prior to running the game by running the configuration utility

located in Start/Program Files/Playlogic/Age of Pirates-Caribbean Tales/Options

The program can also be run from the root of the game folder - config.exe

Display options

For video options the following choices are available.

The device selection can be used if there is one or more video cards present in your computer. Only use devices that meet the minimum specifications for the game.

Lists the available resolutions for the game.

Post processing:
When the box is checked a glow effect will be used in the game.

Full screen mode
When the box is checked the game will run full screen. When the box is unchecked the game will run in windowed mode.

Texture Quality
Texture quality can be adjusted.

Sound Options

Sound Off
When checked, this turns the game sound off, including music, sound effects and dialog.

Safe Mode
When checked, the game set a lower priority for audio processing. This is useful for trouble shooting audio issues.

Music Volume
Slider for adjusting the in-game music volume.

Effects Volume
Slider for adjusting the in-game effects volume.

Dialogue Volume
Slider for adjusting the in-game volume for voice.

Gameplay changes

With "Alt" it is possible to add amount of 100 items instead of 1 in selling/buying menu.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting
Alt-Tab can cause the game to crash when in fullscreen mode.
If you have this problem, try the following:
Playing in windowed mode with a fullscreen resolution mode solves this issue.
1. Go to C: Program Files Playlogic Age of Pirates - Caribbean Tales (where C: Program Files is the drive and folder location of the installation).
2. Double click on the file config.exe.
3. Ensure the option 'Fullscreen' is unchecked.
4. Under the field 'Resolution', select the screen resolution of the monitor on which the game will be played.
5. Now hit Save, or Save & Play. The game will appear to be in full screen, and task switching will not have any adverse effects on performance.

Internet Multiplayer
Internet Play - Port and Network Settings:
By default, Age of Pirates connects to the Internet through the following UDP ports:

o UDP port 29020
o UDP port 29029

Each time you join or create an Internet multiplayer game, you must make sure these ports are open on your PC for both incoming and outgoing traffic.
In addition to this, you can turn off your Windows firewall for the duration of your time participating in Internet multiplayer.
If you want to create or join an Internet multiplayer game, and you are connecting through a router, you will require properly setup Network Address Translation (NAT) &

Port Address Translation (PAT). Please contact your hardware manufacturer for more information.

When having a firewall and starting multiplayer for the first time it is needed to start game in windowed mode. Firewall requests can be accepted then and the game

needs to be closed and restarted in full screen.

Game Instability
Problems playing audio files can cause instability, although this may not be obvious to the end-user. Therefore, if you experience any game instability at all, please

review the information on the following link:

Performance Tuning
There are several things you can do to increase game performance.
* Make sure you have no other programs running in the background.
* Try reducing the level of Sea Detail within your Options menu. To do this:
1. Launch the game.
2. Select Options from the main menu or pause menu.
3. Reduce the LOD by sliding the bar under Sea Details (second option in the left column) to the left.

* If you experience any instability within the game, attempt to restart the PC and launch the game again, and ensure to save frequently.
* Please also see the information on / for further tips and advice on running games software on Microsoft Windows.

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