C&C: Red Alert 2 v1.002


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Fixed the "Place Structure Anywhere" Paratroopers issue.
Fixed an issue with the ConYard. When it was destroyed and you got a new ConYard, your build options did not refresh unless you clicked on the Build Tab to force the refresh.
You can now press the # key assigned to a created team a second time and it will center the screen around that team. For example, press 1 to select team 1. Pressing 1 a second time will center the screen on that team.
Occupying Tech Buildings will now uncover the Shroud at that location.
If all of your buildings are destroyed, but you have an undeployed conyard (MCV), and are playing in "Short Game", the game will no longer end.

Modified Auto Save to save EACH mission, rather than saving over the same file every time. The net result is that you will now have several auto-saves (one for each mission.)
The game timer during the Single Player Campaign will now pause while you are in the Menu or Pause Screens.

You now have the option of turning off Asian and/or Non-asian chat.
Fixed the Ping Indicators in the Westwood Online lobbies.
Moved the Clan Abbreviations in the Custom Match player Lobby a bit to the left so ranks of 100+ would not get abbreviated.
Changed the names of the bunkers in Westwood Online to reflect the gamer's country of origin. This may help separate the various languages in the lobbies.

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