America's Army: Recon v1.11 Patch


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This will patch update your America's Army: Operations RECON to version 1.11.
See documentation for more information.

1. Fixed problem that left ghost-players in servers.
(Fix involved ignoring MaxTeamSize for Spectator team)
2. Fixed floating attachments bug.
(Made most attachments spawn client-side only. Weapon attachments
are still client/server, and so theoretically may still float
occasionally. Should be very rare if ever though)
3. Fixed small Rifle Range bugs.
a. (If a target appeared twice in a row, and you didn't fire at it,
it would seem like the target just stayed up for twice as long.
In the new version, in this case, the target will go down and come
back up right away, instead of just staying up longer)
b. Fixed last shot not being counted.
c. Fixed results not being uploaded if mission has been completed previously.
4. Fixed crash in HQ_Raid when the prisoner was shot.
5. Fixed commo to use only message or team message when no match in progress.
6. Fixed small bugs in MOUT_McKenna, Bridge, Pipeline, and HQ_Raid.

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