Cue Club patch v.1.03


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Download and run this patch to upgrade CueClub with the latest fixes and improvements. Will not work with the demo. We offer NO guarantee that it will work with hacked or pirated copies of the game. You have been warned!
IMPORTANT: If installing over a previous patch, run the program TWICE. Once to remove the old patch, and again to install the new patch.

This patch addresses the following issues:

Allows the default language to be changed in the installer (CD-ROM patch only)
Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish
Allows the cue line to be toggled (F9 key)
Allows the game to be paused (F10 key)
Fixes minor bugs in CD audio, replays, tournaments and game rules.

Download the CD-ROM patch if you have the full version of CueClub on CD-ROM
Download the RealNetworks patch if you have downloaded the full version of CueClub from

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