3DWinBrick 2001


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This game has an explosive number of possibilities which will draw all of your skills! There are thousands of different levels with compressed action. You are able to manage this challange alone or with (or against) your friends! One to four players are possible. 256 simultaniously displayed objects will produce a high-speed arcade game, which you have never seen on any system yet.

With this 3D version of WinBrick, you have a full real time rendered 3D scene of the playfield with all objects. Lots of graphical effects make the game real fun to play. You can rotate around the playfield to see behind big bricks, and you are always playing from the bottom, because game turns itself according to your position.

There are more than 60 different extras (including water, rockets, bombs, extra balls, amplified fire, etc.) in different flavours. Many of these extras are also interacting with each other, which gives you the possibility to get many points. You are also able to buy additional add ons in a level shop. Statistics and multipler profiles make it possible to compete against your family / friends.

As in windows, you are able to create you personal theme (for games), which can contain your own pictures, bricks or even sounds (sounds and self created bricks is for advanced users only). The level editor is a real creative utility, which allows you to generate levels on very different possibilities - even creating a level from bitmaps, jpegs or icons!

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