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"In the not-so-distant future, an energy crisis has caused gas prices to skyrocket to seven dollars a gallon. With oil companies limiting output and terrorist attacks causing havoc, America faces chaos, strikes, protests and more. A situation of instability descends upon the land, instability that can be used for evil by those who lurk in the shadows. Major Jason Richter, a 23-year army veteran, is considered a loose cannon and has fallen out of favor with his superiors in the Pentagon. But with troubles looming on the horizon, the National Security Advisor decides that Major Richter is the perfect choice to head the "direct-action" anti-terrorist unit known as Task Force Talon.

Act of War sends you to hotspots around the globe to fight massive enemy assaults, rescue hostages, conduct covert spy missions and participate in search-and-destroy attacks. Take on the role of Major Richter and help your men overcome their mental and physical limits to stop a powerful and unpredictable enemy. The balance of global power is changing, as is the face of warfare. Chaos, mystery and mayhem threaten the stability of the world, and only Task Force Talon can make things safe once again."

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