Airfix Dogfighter international demo


Total votes: 75
  • publisher: UDS

Enter the daydreaming fantasies of a marauding kid, home alone in a empty house. Building his own Airfix models, equipping them with firecrackers and other homemade weapons, he takes the role of a World War 2 fighter pilot.
The year is sometime shortly after the Second World War, and our hero has finally gotten a chance to prove his skills. The parents have gone astray and left him alone with his opposing forces. It's time for a miniature yet devastating battle between the real powers of this corner of imagination. The missions in the game consist of various tasks of different nature. Escorting bombers into the living room, strafing convoys in the kitchen or sinking subs in the bathroom. Whatever mission control designate you to accomplish you better look sharp. Before you know it you'll have a boogie on your six, trying to down you with showers of led and shrapnel.
This is the scandinavian version of the demo, the world wide version will be available soon.

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