Alien Arena 2007 6.05


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COR Entertainment today proudly announces the release of Alien Arena 2007 6.05, it's open sourced free online deathmatch game featuring a retro sci-fi theme!

Alot has changed with Alien Arena since it's "2007" release nearly one year ago. Development of the game has accelerated to a torrential pace, and the community has seen the game literally transform in front of their eyes into a more mature, polished work, that not only vastly improved the existing facets, but added completely new ones. Nearly all game media has been replaced or recontructed, and the gameplay has been tweaked, honed, and enhanced with the goal of bringing one of the most intense(and even bizarre) forms of deathmatch to life. Not only has the gameplay been a major focus, but the renderer has received much attention(and continues to do so). Now with vastly improved weapon effects, dot3 bumpmapping, real time lighting and shadows, shadered water reflections, the CRX engine delivers an exciting new visual experience with signifigant increases in performance as well.

Version 6.05 also brings one of the more unique team based game modes - "Cattle Prod" to gamers. This new mode signifies what Alien Arena is all about - and that is moving forward into new areas of gameplay. While still retaining it's Quake/Unreal Tournament roots, Alien Arena's goal is to have a unique style all it's own, and Cattle Prod is the latest foray into team oriented gameplay that now includes things from your standard CTF fare, to blasting metal spiders in Team Core Assault, flying rickety old spaceships in All Out Assault, and playing a form of alien "soccer" in Team Deathball. Among the other new gameplay features for 6.05 is a class based mutator, which gives characters of different types(alien, robot, human) various capabilities.

In addition, Alien Arena is now ported to FreeBSD, and now has Debian packaging as well as being in Gentoo portage for easy maintainence. For those who wish to keep up with the latest and greatest enhancements, a public SVN is now available(svn://

It has been an exciting time in Alien Arena's development, and 6.05 is a release that we are very confident with and proud of, and one that should not only continue to help the community grow, but involve it even more in the shaping of the game as it moves forward!

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