America's Army: Operations v1.5.0 [Full Version]


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The Army released another update (Version 1.5) in a series of periodic improvements to the America's Army: Operations.
Consider it a little holiday gift from the U.S. Army. While the Army game developers will spend their holiday break merging the new code drop from Epic Games into the Operations game and working on the Radio Tower map, gamers can enjoy some new goodies just in time for the new year.

What's New:
Parental Controls. Parents will now be able to alter and control certain aspects of gameplay in America's Army: Operations. With this new patch, parents can disable all the blood in the game, enable a language filter, disallow the ability to play as an Advanced Marksman, and limit gameplay to only those missions which features the MILES laser-tag type play. This parental link has been added to the main menu.

Weapons Cache SE (Special Edition). By player demand, the Army has significantly increased the size of the ever-popular Weapons Cache map. With an additional objective, the map is now almost twice the size. The Assaulting team has many more options to attack, and the Defense will need to be on their toes to win now!

Other New Features Include:
New voices for Opfor
Optional "Reason" to votekick.
Type "votekick PLAYERNAME REASONINDEX" to initiate a votekick with a reason.
Type "reasonlist" to find an available REASONINDEX (i.e. "votekick Kermit 3" will initiate a votekick on Kermit with the reason: "Player has used foul or abusive language").
Running animations for grenades.
Server list will display Leased and Leased Official icons.
New Groups for Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army (star).
Changes Include:

Expanded LAN browser to 8 servers.
ROE Kick penalty reduced from 1.25*Limit to 0.5*Limit.
e.g. ROE Limit = 400
Previous kick penalty = 500
New kick penalty = 200
ROE Kick at start of round incurs maximum penalty.
e.g. Previous penalty = CURRENT_ROE + KICK_PENALTY
Team attack message changed from a player broadcast to a game broadcast (i.e. not subject to flood limit).
HUD Options screen changed from HideNV to HideOptics (will hide binocs and NVG icons).
Adjustments to weapon and grenade load-outs on Bridge map to better balance gameplay.
Fixes Include:

SP commo no longer uses enemy voices ("FRAG OUT!" in US_Weapons).
Players on 2nd page in Admin Command Post should now be selectable.
Fixed tracers no displaying when prone.
Flashbang sound is now scaled by distance.
Zoom + Reload with sniper rifles no longer disables sprinting.
Various minor map fixes.

The America's Army game consists of two games. The first is Operations, an action-packed first-person 3D game where you enter into "virtual service" to the United States. As part of the Army, you are bound by the laws of land warfare, Army values and realistic rules of engagement as you go through more than 25 levels of gameplay including single-player training missions and teamwork-based multiplayer networked squad versus squad operations. Mission accomplishment and a high ranking in the game are a function of team effort. Teamwork and responsibility are key, and those players that violate the rules will find themselves in a virtual jail cell at Fort Leavenworth. Operations is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and recommended for recruits 13 years old and above.

Based upon standard Army force-on-force training practices, you will always perceive you are in the U.S. Army. Your comrades always appear to be in U.S. uniforms while the opposing force always appears to be in opposing force uniforms with appropriate weapons. Training missions teach basic character controls and movements and proper weapons usage for official ammunition like automatic weapons, assault rifles, smoke grenades and sniper rifles. You can even recover and employ opposing force weapons during battle.

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