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Playlogic/Eidos and Russian developer, World Forgehave released a demo for Ancient Wars: Sparta. The demo incudes 3 single player missions offering players the chance to try on the three available factions; Spartans, Persians and Egyptians.

Ancient Wars: Sparta is based on the history of the ancient ages and their main nations. Spartans, Persians and Egyptians are fighting for influence around Asia Minor, Europe and North Africa. Following historical events, the action takes place with different campaigns for all three races. Sparta represents 3D strategy in real time with the newly developed "Ancient Wars Engine" (AWE), where the player will have to use each nation's powers to be superior over other competitors and build up a dominant culture and civilisation.

The main emphasis is on large-scaled battles and complex tactical manoeuvres. Players can strategically equip soldiers with weapons of choice. Warriors can be equipped with weapons and shields, can be put on horses or on chariots and be given special abilities. The player can collect abandoned weapons after battles or import powerful weapons from other cultures to build special units. Fire, Wind etc. will effect the whole environment. Cities can be upgraded and turned to fortresses, workers gather resources to ensure a safe economy. Ancient Wars: Sparta offers RTS fans all their favourite gameplay with a vast variety of new features and innovative options.

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