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The Story:
The story goes that the wife of the Sultan of Akabha, following a wish granted him by a Genie, had quintuplets, five magnificent daughters with the lovely names of Muscade, Melissa, Hellebore, Spiruline and Guarana.
The quest:
The player takes the role of Ali, an attractive young man, who is regarded as very cute indeed by women. As the princesses are real quintuplets, Ali will have to marry the whole five of them to become the only claimant to the throne. But that won't be easy, since he is not the only one wanting to marry them and the princesses themselves have minds of their own...
The Koba, the great book of a laws of the Sultanate of Akabha, sets out the marriage rules for the Sultan's daughters:
"A Sultan's daughter must take a husband on the day of her twentieth birthday. Otherwise, she will be declared "Al Jotani", meaning a "street girl", and will be banished from the palace and deprived of all her royal rights." The Koba also states: "On the death of the Sultan, the power is inherited by the eldest son, failing that by the fiancé of the eldest daughter, and failing that by the Grand Vizier."
The story begins on the day before the 20th birthday of the princesses.

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