Army Racer Hungarian Demo


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This demo contains an intro video and the Australian radar base track, and seven different drivable cars.

Gameplay is simple: your character starts with a shabby little car, then - after winning several races - earns a ton of money, buys new cars, and high performance tuning equipment.
Player can choose a face from 30 faces (girls too) for his/her character. All of enemies have a face and personality.
Races are not long: there are short and fast levels as well as tricy ones. There are 3 race types: race against other cars, time trial mode and checkpoint time trial mode.
Player must win 60 races to reach the finish...

Game Features
20 levels
20 cars
7 paints for every car
10 hw and 10 visual tuning for everycar

System requirements
System: Celeron 1GHz
RAM: 128Mb
Graphic Card: GeForce 4 MX420 or eq.

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