Assimilation V.01


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Despite the simplicity of the game play, Assimilation's graphics are sharp and sumptuous. The visual look of the game has an ancient mythological theme which matches the timeless feel of the game style. The various boards are lavishly illustrated, and there's a neat effect when more than one piece is assimilated and the board ripples around the player's position!

The rules of the game are simple. Up to eight players compete on a board made up of hexagonal spaces. Players move their pieces to empty spaces on the board either by "cloning" (which creates a copy of the piece in an adjacent blank space) or "jumping" (where the piece leaves an empty space behind, but can travel twice as far). Move to a space next to an opponent's pieces, and you'll "assimilate" them - any adjacent pieces get turned to your colour. The winner is the one with most pieces when the board is full, or the one who manages to "lock out" all their opponents' pieces so they can't make a move.

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