Birth of America II - Wars in America


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Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815 follows the successful historical strategy videogame Birth of America, AGEOD's American Civil War and Napoleon's Campaigns. It is the long-awaited well-expanded sequel of the acclaimed first game that made AGEOD. You can now fight all the big wars that made America between 1750 and 1815.
Wars in America 1750-1815 is a stand-alone game not compatible with the previous one. It includes:
New Rules
• New cohesion system (based on the American Civil War/Napoleon's Campaigns model) and its impact on combat
• Brand new concept of Engagement Points, allowing options for armaments purchases, political, economic and diplomatic options.
• In addition, a challenging Foreign Entry competitive engine will allow player to struggle in the race for the French Intervention.
• New orders (e.g. spiking the guns, surrender with the Honour of War, remove leader, distant unload from ships).
• New abilities (adapted from those of American Civil War/Napoleon's Campaigns and new rules here)
• Different updates and other rules (e.g. combat, Indians, minutemen, blockade, privateers, naval transport, optional limited activation rules, German mercenaries, etc...)
New functionalities
• New in game Replay module allows to see the turn you played (or any other - exchange them with friends!)
• Updater module to check if you play with the latest game version.
• Play-by-email and TCP/IP ARES module
• Improved AI
• Multiple resolutions Interface
New data
• New map: extension of the map up to the Mississippi in the west, blockade and commerce raiding boxes, new European off-map boxes (France, GB, Spain, Holland) or in the Americas (Hudson Bay, Newfoundland, Cuba)
• Over a hundred new leaders and units.
• New Scenarios (including at least the following)
Scenarios 1750-1780: Lord Dunmore War, new FIW 1755-1763 war campaign, Galvez 79
Scenarios 1780-1800: Fallen Timbers 1791-1794
Scenarios 1812-1815: Great Lakes 1813, Full War of 1812-1815 campaign, New Orleans 1815
New Events (according to scenarios) and wide set of options for you to customize your strategy.
Widely extended manual and player's aides.
• New extra in game music from the time, thanks to the performance and support of 3rd US Infantry Regiment and the US Army Fife and Drums Corps.

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