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After many years, our hero, the nobleman Samuel Gordon, returns to his dominion in England where he had spent most of his life. His memories of long passed events prevented him from returning here for long twelve years and that is why he had long ago given up all his property in the manor belonging to his ancestors.He was firmly hoping that he would never again have to come back to the place that would bring back dark images of the past to his memory and that would exacerbate his soul with a burning knife of guilt. He would probably spend the rest of his life as far as possible from the Black Mirror manor if it had not been for his fate that once and for all diverted his future from the path of oblivion...

With feelings of uncertainty, gaining in intensity as he was approaching the border of his dominion, he returns back today in order to revere the memory of William Gordon who had meant so much for him. That is perhaps also why he, as the only one, refuses to believe that William's death was just an unfortunate incident. He begins to be intrigued by the last days of William's life. From reading William's diary and from other indices, however, he is soon to find out that there were other facts behind William's death. On the background of a seemingly peaceful life at the ancient Black Mirror manor, a circle of mysterious deaths and unexpected events begins to spin around. So far, however, he is not aware that it is himself who stands in the center of all these events...

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