Blitzkrieg Demo [English]


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Launch your attack - sudden, fast and energized! Bring the enemy's position to a halt with strategic tank and air assaults. This will keep your offensive rolling inexorably. Blitzkrieg is the fine art of strategy: Instead of blind hits with a huge club, you dissect the enemy with the thin blade of a sword! Prove your tactical skills in historical battles of World War II all around the globe. You command German, Soviet or Allied troops, which will gain experience in the course of the war and fight more and more effectively. As a reward for your success, you will obtain access to the latest of warfare technology.
Accept the challenge and launch your attack!

Game Features:

*Thrilling real time strategy game
Historically accurate battles of World War II in Africa, Siberia and Europe under adverse conditions: heat, cold, rain and mist
*3 exciting campaigns with 21 challenging missions
*3D landscape extends your tactical possibilities
*Large operations involving hundreds of Russian and German as well as allied units
*3D vehicles with realistic armour
*More than 150 types of vehicles and machinery
*More than 40 kinds of infantry on every side
*More than 250 types of buildings and objects
*You can choose to play on any side
*Units move realistically
*Extremely huge units such as trains and coastal artillery
*All landscape units are destructible
*Numerous videos from Word War II provide a unique atmosphere
*Multiplayer game via LAN or the Internet
*Random map generator
*Skirmish mode
*Automatic supplies
*Enemy equipment can be conquered and immediately used
*The ability to build bridges, dig trenches, drive jeeps, lay mines, call for air support (fighter, bomber, air scout, paratrooper) - anything goes …
*Generate your own missions, maps, textures as well as models and add sounds
*Internet ranking system with GameSpy Arcade

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