Blood 2: The Chosen Demo


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Caleb, Ophelia, Ishmael, Gabriella - these are the Chosen. Former generals of a defeated god, they must now fight the Cabal together in an uneasy truce. This demo of Blood2 contains 2 complete levels. You cannot save any levels in this demo.

Four Playable Characters - Take control of any one of 'The Chosen' -- four extraordinary characters who inhabit a dark near-future world.
Bloodthirsty Enemies - Blood II has over 20 all new enemies to fight, as well as one returning fiend from the first game.
Multiplayer Bloodbaths - Take on up to 32 of your friends via modem, network, and internet play.

- Windows 95/98
- CPU: Pentium 166MHz or better
- 32MB RAM
- 36 MB Hard Disk Space
- 100% Soundblaster Compatible sound card
- Video Hardware: DX 6.0 and above compliant 3D accelerator
(or without an accelerator: P233, 32MB RAM)
- Input Devices: Keyboard, mouse, DirectInput compatible game devices

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