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Nurium Games has released BreakQuest, a Windows arcade game that promises full-on action and exciting gameplay. While the game has the bricks and balls that are available in traditional video games, BreakQuest's spectacular graphics feature 16 million colors and ultra-smooth animation. Unlike traditional breakout games that are ruled by simple mechanics, BreakQuest's sophisticated physics engine and innovative collision rules allow for a completely new game experience in a universe that is full of wonder.

There are bricks that fall, bricks that move in unfathomable ways, hanging bricks, bricks with springs, bricks that grow and shrink, and bricks that shoot at you. BreakQuest's advanced particle system creates a wide range of sparkling visual effects. You have to deal with bugs and bricks of all shapes and sizes to defend the world from the evil
corporate empire.

Choose your command ship from ten different models. Control its fully deformable bouncing surface to save the world, or just to have some fun.

Select from 100 unique scenes, with their own colorful designs, custom sound effects, and unique behavior for all critical game elements.

Playing BreakQuest in quest mode offers three difficulty settings. Different scenes offer bugs with different personalities, and bricks with different physical properties. Collect keys to advance your quest and save the world once again.

Playing BreakQuest in arcade mode, you can configure the game to your liking. You can vary the scenes, ball speed, and bumper size and customize the power ups and power downs.

Choose among nine different weapons. With this much variability, every game can be a brand new experience.

In addition to crystal clear sound effects, BreakQuest features an original, copyrighted, extended sound track by the professional gaming music group Maniacs of Noise.

Whether you're a classical game player who wants to see how breakout games have evolved, a serious game player who wants to see the latest in physics engines and graphics, or a business person who needs the occasional break from work to relax and save the world, BreakQuest provides the entertainment that you need.

You can now download the public beta pre-release version of BreakQuest by following the download tab above.
The full release of BreakQuest will take place later in fall 2004. BreakQuest runs under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and is priced at USD 19.99(US).

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