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'Breed' is the first project to be developed utilizing the 'Mercury' engine. Breed is an action based game set both in Earth orbit and on its surface. From the orbiting USC Darwin the player launches attacks against the Breed, the aggressive biomechanical race infesting Earth. Once the Darwin is discovered the Breed will launch waves of attacks to destroy the last of the USC cruisers. The player takes control of 'grunts' who may be flying fighters or dropships, driving tanks or APC's, manning vehicular turrets or running around in the dirt, trying to blow away the 'Breed'. Heavily armed dropships are used to deploy ground forces into Breed controlled territory. If aboard a suitable vehicle, the player may move freely between orbit and the planet surface.


Earth's near future, advances in technology and space travel allow us to venture further out even beyond our solar system. In the year 2600 much of the planet's population have left our blue/green orb and formed colonies on the worlds of the Besalius 'binary' star system. All seemed peaceful in these fledgling colonies but as the last shuttle arrived in 2602 they were attacked by a terrifying alien race that would be nicknamed 'The Breed'. These attacks seemed to be random with little or no thought or logic, but they were devastating nevertheless. Under such an assault the colonies had no choice but to send out a distress call to Earth. In 2603 Earth had mobilised a great fleet of United Space Corps attack cruisers in answer, putting their very best and brightest at the helm. These ships now made a year-long trip to the Besalius system - hoping that they would not arrive too late.

Every cruiser is equipped with the latest technology and weapons. Stocked with a full compliment of ground assault vehicles and fighters. These ships are the tip of the iceberg sent from Earth into the void and carry inside their vast hulls an array of genetic gestation pods, capable of growing a constant supply of ground forces - known as GRUNTS (Genetically Revived UNiversal Tactical Sentient). Fiercely loyal, bred for combat and totally expendable these are the backbone of Earth's new breed of warriors and defenders.

After one year the fleet arrives at Besalius in 2604 and swiftly engages the Breed across the system. The battle is a long and hard one, the Breed are not going to give in without a fight and the aliens lack of intelligence is more than compensated for by their ferocious nature in battle. The Colony War takes its toll on Earth's resources as well and during the campaign they are stretched to breaking point. In 2624 the USC forces claimed victory in Besalius, but it was not without cost - the colonies had been devastated and the fleet badly damaged to a point that only the USC Darwin was capable of making the journey back to Earth. Captained by Saul Richter (A legend now with over two hundred victories against the Breed under his belt) war weary and battle scarred, the ship and remaining crew begin the journey back.

It was in 2625 that the veterans of Besalius finally returned to their home system to find that instead of a hero's welcome, something else was waiting. The Breed had outflanked them and in a swift move eliminated any human opposition; they were now in complete control of Earth. The colonies were nothing more than a diversionary tactic - a plan to pull the bulk of the planet's defence forces away, leaving it ripe for invasion. The population had been enslaved or devastated, the survivors had been forced into labour camps and made to construct the Breed's machines and installations.

But humankind was not quite ready to go into the darkness just yet; the USC Darwin was moved into orbit around the Earth and remained there under a cloaking system. Saul's plan was to make key 'surgical strikes' upon the Breed's incomplete infrastructure, supporting the reported pockets of resistance fighters who waged their own guerrilla war under the leadership of the charismatic Carla Alvarez. Between the hidden attack ship and her crew and Carla's forces the Captain hoped that they could turn the tide back in favour of the human race…

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