Candy World V: Candy to The Rescue Demo


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Some mysterious cages have apeared in Candy World. Help Candy and Noopy saving their friends in this whole new 3D adventure of the Save Candy Series.

This 3D fresq will propose you more than 63 levels in various styles like a flower field and a LightHouse. There will be too a Windmill. It is effectively 63 levels which are available in this game, then 15 new one.

In a far away world named
The Lillians Planet,
Our friends Candy and Noopy must resolve dizens of enygms.

Mysterious cages apeared.
Lots of animals are imprisoned inside.
You must save them before time runs out.

One of the way to freed them,
is to find each of the iron keys.

Who osed to make a such mischief
to the Candy World's animals ?

The population of Candy World are resolving the mysteries...
Maybe the great tree knows it !

May the kind spirits of this sacred lands guides and protect you.

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