Chicago 1930 Demo


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"Since the 1920 prohibition laws came into force, banning the production, sale or transportation of alcoholic drinks, this town has become the centre for organised crime. All alcohol consumption is now controlled by the Mafia. The town is swarming with underground breweries, bars, nightclubs, casinos and brothels. In 1928 the much-feared Hank O'Neil controls a large part of the town but some districts are still under the control of the authorities. It is at this point that another gangland boss, Don Falcone, (a man even more ambitious, even crueller and more merciless than O'Neil) makes his appearance and tries to seize power. To tackle this threat, a special police unit is created to stop the Mafia by any means possible. Their goal is to regain control of the city and to free Chicago from the underworld. The result is that open warfare breaks out in the heart of Chicago. And which side will you be joining? The Mafia or the police? It's down to you to decide!"

The English demo allows you to try two missioins from the full game

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