Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition demo


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Compared to the original Children of the Nile, The Enhanced Edition features:

* Vista Compatibility
* Added Brickyard (new infrastructure building that can store bricks closer to
construction sites)
* New statues (2 small, 2 large and 1 brick)
* 3 new fountains and 2 new shrubberies
* 4 new plazas
* 2 new shrine variants
* New bricklayer home variant
* Travel accelerated on roads
* Priests are more effective - they now have wives and activate buildings
* Pyramid construction tweaked (smoothed and accelerated)
* Reduced barter times during shopping (making everyone's life a little
* Temples made more effective relative to shrines
* Papyrus easier to make and more effective
* Lessened the effect of Hapi's "No Flood" event
* Quickstart Tutorial Scenario
* Resources more visible on map & mini-map
* Buildings that require additional specific materials now describe what they
need when selected
* Problems with supply chain are displayed on buildings effected by the problem
(e.g., no boats to move things across the river)
* "No Problems" indicator (homes and figures show all satisfaction types at all
* Right-click orders are available on a new button (buildings that house
figures with multiple order options now have a button that can be used select
from those options)
* WASD camera control

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