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The U.S. demo of Immortal Cities : Children of the Nile is now available for download. The game is set for a February 4, 2005 release.

From the lead designer of Million Unit selling PHARAOH history's most captivating civilization awakens as strategic city building and societal simulation converge to create a groundbreaking experience in a stunning 3D environment. You are Pharaoh, supreme ruler of Egypt. Your leadership will determine a people's destiny and establish a legacy for eternity.

Lead Your People
Immortal Cities : Children of the Nile is the first and only strategy game where citizens who behave like living, independent beings are your primary resource. Power cannot be purchased or managed - it must be earned. The people in your society act with free will, challenging your abilities in ways never experienced before in a game.

Build Your Dynasty
The fate of a civilization is in your hands - you must balance ambition with the needs of your people. Expand your borders and erect awe-inspiring monuments to build prestige and compel your citizens to provide the resources needed to fortify your reign. Nurture your populace, and you will empower a nation to endure the test of time. Neglect their needs, and your empire will fall.

Key Features

First historic city building game featuring an immersive 3D graphics engine.

Revolutionary interface designed for intuitive and immediate usability across all audiences.

Behavioural technology based on human nature delivers a compelling experience with hours of replay value.

Dynamic social simulation where government and natural resource management are vital to the success of your civilization.

Erect breathtaking monuments to commemorate your achievements and build your legacy

Explore and combat neighbouring provinces or expand through diplomacy and trade.

Powerful, customizable Campaign and Map Editors.

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