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You assume the persona of John J. Rimbo, a war veteran with a lust for destruction. Called out of retirement back for duty by your old commander, Cpt. Ravioli, you are to clear up some of the world's hottest warzones.

Through steamy jungles, arid deserts, treacherous arctic climates and rolling seas, John J. Rimbo will need a deft hand to guide your choice of three fully decked out war helicopters to success. Your quick reflexes and skill are the only things keeping John J. Rimbo alive.

Chopper2k will be a fast action arcade shooter in the same style as games such as Raptor and other top down plane/heli games. There will be three very different helicopters to choose from to lay out the destruction.

Each chopper will have its own special weapons systems and strengths/weaknesses, so choosing which chopper to wreak havoc with will be a hard decision.

The action takes place in a quasi modern Earth, in locales consisting of a jungle, a desert, an arctic wasteland and an ocean.

The game is being written in OpenGL with DirectX DirectInput and DirectSound support. The game will have cutscenes, thumping tunes and sound effects as well as a very funky weapons arsenal.

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