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Chrome is a tactical FPP shooting game whose action takes place in the future during the colonization of the newly discovered solar system of Valkyria. An unusual and dramatic story takes place among the huge and wild terrains of the five planets, within the residential complexes of the first settlers, deep within mines rich with precious minerals and inside the headquarters of the powerful corporations fighting among themselves over the unique riches of Valkyria.

*Innovative and unusual approach to FPP shooters and numerous innovations make gameplay attractive and exciting for the player. A system of implants allows the player to manipulate the character's personality and abilities. Player can create breathtaking chases using futuristic vehicles. There is an incredibly realistic body and injury system as well as detailed picturesque landscapes and much, much more.

*Each player has at his disposal a large arsenal, equipment and implants which allow him to choose specialized styles and tactics to complete each mission. With silent weapons, a camouflage suit and special features to sharpen physical reflexes and improve sensory abilities, the player can turn into silent assassin and strike his enemies unnoticed. With a heavy plasma gun, a dermo-shield and transplanted muscles the player can also be transformed into a human tank allowing him to storm past enemy lines.

*Chrome is original, full of sudden twists and turns, heavy action and a dramatic story of heroism, friendship and betrayal. Corporate intrigues, true heroic characters, dramatic events and suspense make Chrome into something more than a game.

*There are 14 enormous difficult and varied missions. Tropical forests, rocky deserts, canyons, craters, snowy glaciers, lakes and mountains all contribute to the game's unique atmosphere together with high-tech military weaponry and vehicles as well as the futuristic technology of the 26th century. The world of Chrome is a world of contrasts between the wild mysteries of nature and the man-made technologies of the future.

*Multiplayer including all features of single player mode, allowing 32 players to enjoy the game. Huge arsenal of armor, implants, wide range of vehicles, broad and varied terrains. Chrome multiplayer is a classical, dynamic set of games like Death Match, as well as more complicated, based on objectives, team fights.

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