Close Combat: Invasion Normandy


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The Close Combat series has taken you to the beaches at Omaha, the bridges of Operation Market Garden, the Eastern Front, and the Battle of the Bulge. Now Invasion Normandy, the fifth game in the award-winning Close Combat series, takes you back to Normandy, where it all began.
This time you'll be fighting for the Cotentin peninsula, from the landings at Utah Beach to the siege at Cherbourg. New Force Pool dynamics allow you to customize your Battle Groups like never before, and armored vehicles won't always be the best tools in your arsenal. In the dense hedgerows of the French countryside, AT teams could be lying in ambush almost anywhere. By placing a premium on infantry tactics, Invasion Normandy puts the capital "C" back into Close Combat.

The improved campaign system allows movement of multiple Battle Groups on a scrolling strategic map of the Cotentin peninsula.
An all new Battle Group screen allows you to not only customize your own Battle Groups but your enemy's as well.
Track the progress of your men from battle to battle as they improve their combat skills and earn medals.
Review the action in depth on the improved Battle Debrief and Soldier screens.
Create your own battles, opertions, and campaigns with the Scenario Editor.
With extended continuity from battle to battle, your tactical successes and failures will have a direct impact on strategic play.
You can play head-to-head via TCP, UDP, serial connection, modem, or the Internet.
Free match making services provided by MS Gaming Zone and MPlayer
The option to play with historical conditions extends even to the weather and its effects on air and naval support availability.
With dynamic map tracking, the shell holes, trenches, and vehicle wrecks you create today will be there tomorrow.

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