Combat Command 2

Combat Command 2
Combat Command 2
Combat Command 2


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Combat Command 2: Danger Forward is a unique game system that authentically recreates the most exciting engagements of WWII. Emphasizing command control and combined arms, the first volume of the series, Danger Forward, focuses on the Mediterranean and Western Front, from 1940-1945. Innovative rules, including the most detailed treatment of paradrops and amphibious landings ever in a computer wargame, make Combat Command a unique and exciting gaming experience. Listed below are a list of the features and scenarios included:

Scale: 1/2 km per hex, 4 hour turns, units are company in size and most battles cover several days of action.

Infiltration Movement.
Radio Contact.
Unit posture, quality, and surrender..
Withdrawal from ZOC.
Paradrops, Amphibious Landings, Air Landings, and Gliders.
Night Movement.
Air Power.
Limited Intelligence and more.
Also it includes the following scenarios:
Anzio, Sangro River, San Pietro, Salerno, Gela, Troina, Primosole Bridge, Syracuse, Palermo, Maleme, Heraklion, St. Vith, Celles, Bastogne, Hurtgen Forest, Stolberg Corridor, Sealion, Sword, Carentan, and possibly additional D-Day scenarios!

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