Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Demo


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Red Alert is back! Go back in time and battle alongside your friends and Hollywood stars in an action-packed, over-the-top world, as the bestselling and most-beloved series of the Command & Conquer franchise makes its return. Wage war solo or co-operatively online across land, sea, and air for control of the world as the Soviets, Allies, or Empire of the Rising Sun! RA3 features the first full RTS co-op campaign, plus the biggest Hollywood cast ever assembled for a videogame...not to mention War Bears, Terror Drones, telekinetic Japanese schoolgirls and dozens of other deadly combat units!

This single-player demo features the game's cinematic opening, one full campaign mission from both the Soviet and Allied campaigns, and an interactive tutorial. The full game features 3 full campaigns (all playable solo or co-op online), a skirmish mode pitting you against nine formidable commanders, and competitive online multiplayer.

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