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Convey is a new Sokoban clone packed with a lot of new elements. Fans of logic games will be especially happy. The classical principle of the game was invented by Mr. Imabayashi (Japan).

You control a small green and cuddlesome alien-slave, made to transport cargo. You have to move containers to the their allocated space. Such a container is easy to move: You have to route your little alien to an object and move it in front of you ... up to this point it's plain sailing.

The problem is not to move into a dead-end street. However, if it happens the only thing that can help you is one of the bonuses. Beside these basic principles there are some other intricacies to the game.

An example: some boxes can only be moved into special mountings, fields of force obstruct your way until the correct switch is pushed. Some of the bonuses are:
"Beamers" - You're able to move the containers over a long distance with the help of 'beamers'. Beamers can be used to bypass dead-end streets as well.

Small extras help you by giving you the force to move several boxes simultaneously or by giving you the ability to pull the containers, which can be quite helpfully.

The Game should consist of 50 levels which will have you thinking until your head explodes. But if this isn't enough or the levels are too difficult you can create your own levels with the integrated level-editor.

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