Crash Day Self Running Demo


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Crashday is an "action stunt racing game" where mostly crashes, dents and stunts will bring the player to his aim. His task is to get his enemies' asses burning and to kick them out of the (partially self-designed) tracks.
While the championship you'll get help from the video shop owner Gerd who isn't closed to spend some cars or tune ups for hot stunt actions.

Crashday is still unique because it has a field based track editor building the basis for the whole game with it's tracks. You'll be able to create your own tracks totally free from any physical limits and put jumps, loops, tunnels or houses onto the racing track. Just nearly everthing you can imagine.With the release of the development tools it will also be possible to use self created track objects in your tracks.
Additionally Crashday sets much store by a realistic German street atmosphere and the use of characters.

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