The Cruxis Sword


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An ancient evil is about to be awoken from his 1,000 years sleep inside the Cruxis sword. Known to the people only as the crystal sword, this weapon grants the wielder unmatched powers, enough to cover the world in darkness. The planet itself has took notice of this fact and has raised up fighters to deal with this parasite. It's up to you to stop this evil from awakening and dispatch the Cruxis sword before it's too late!

Free Demo available.


-7-10 hours of epic but old-school rpg gameplay.

-Well designed, detailed boards give a sense of atmosphere to the game's 21 different locations.

-Item and magic-based battle system offers plenty of room for articulate strategies, especially against the game's bossess.

-Fast but strategic battles that play out in first person, ala Dragonquest, but with more flare.

-Intriguing story line with its own lore (as in, not borrowed from other rpgs) and likeable characters.

-Beautiful soundtrack by Aaron Krogh.

-And much more. Too much to name here.

The Cruxis Crystal is a product that has been years in the making. Many, many hours was poured into it to create both a very beautiful and entertaining old-school rpg. Incredibly consistent with the graphics and character progression, story pacing, and everything else that makes for a great rpg. You won't be disappointed.

Name of Creator: 
Daniel Gant

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