Curse of Slate Rock Manor Demo


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Two friends become increasingly worried after their fellow student fails to return in time for their graduation ceremony. Delilah and Lyle's friend Trent had left after finals to investigate a number of recent ghost sightings at Slate Rock Manor, but he never returned for their graduation ceremony. After the case went cold following a forensic investigation a few weeks later, their friend becomes classified as missing.

Lyle and Delilah decide to conduct an investigation of their own.

Can you help Lyle and Delilah crack the case and find out what happened? Can you solve the mystery about a ghost, a murder, and missing corpse? Explore a haunted manor full of history and intrigue in this visual novel adventure!
• We will send you an upgrade after June 1.
• Over 100 scenes to explore.
• Free Walkthrough and Strategy Guide! Please download here.
• Fantastic character sprites (bishounen / otome) and a fully voiced script.
• Complete dozens of endings to solve the mystery.
• "Visual novel mode" and "puzzle mode" allow players to skip unwanted mini-games. (coming soon)
• Hundreds of choices to make.

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