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Dawn of Magic is a 3rd Person Role Playing Game in which you choose to aid or stop Modo from destroying the world.

Mortal life on earth as punishment for his crimes in the Absolute, the realm of the afterlife. Angered by this humiliation, the mortal

Modo is determined to not only reclaim all his previous power, but gain enough strength to destroy the Earth once and for all, so that he may never be punished in such a base way again. As the story’s hero, the player must stop Modo’s heinous plans and ultimately destroy him, or aid Modo in his quest to annihilate the Earth....

The Enviroment

The world map is divided into two key types of areas, Towns and Outlands. Towns consist of various buildings, monuments and shops where the player may buy and sell items. Towns are generally where the player will encounter friendly NPC characters, though some may be found in the Outlands in certain circumstances. Although combat is possible while in a Town, it is generally unadvisable; if the player character attacks an innocent townsperson or merchant, the town guards will immediately run to the scene and attack the player character. The exception to this rule is when attacking a not-so-innocent townsperson; the town guards will thank the player character for taking care of the problem for them. This being said, the player can usually travel safely through any town.

The Outlands are the uninhabited areas between Towns. The Outlands are where most combat occurs, as most everything in the Outlands will attack the player. There are always creatures or other enemies to kill in the Outlands which are an easy method for the player to gain experience. With the exception of caves, building or other installations in the Outlands, enemy units will always regenerate over time.

The History

The Absolute is a place greater and grander than the most fantastical dream. It is a place incomprehensible to mortals, as all earthly desires are discarded along with the flesh. Filled with beauty and thought, the denizens of the Absolute have unlimited ability to do

any wondrous thing they conceive of, usually for the purpose of harmony and further enlightenment. Nevertheless, there are still rules of conduct that must be followed.

Modo was a long-time resident of the Absolute, last being on Earth over a thousand years ago. Even though his memories of that time were long gone, there was one earthly desire that he could not seem to rid himself of â€" the desire for power. Working collectively was

quite common in the Absolute, but Modo took this to far, frequently draining his companions of their strength to further his own goals. The other denizens of the Absolute soon decided that Modo was intolerable while under this mortal affliction, and a tribunal was called.

It was decided at the tribunal that Modo must be punished, and his punishment was death. In Absolute terms, this meant being born again on Earth, living a full mortal life and dying naturally after 100 years of life. He would however retain all his memories, as further punishment. While on Earth, he would not be able to use any Absolute magic, nor would he be able to die by any unnatural means. Modo was stuck in a dreary mortal world for the next one hundred years.

40 years on Earth have gone by since the tribunal’s judgment was passed down. But those on the tribunal sadly underestimated Modo.

After a mere 40 years, Modo has acquired much knowledge and skill of mortal magic. With this magic, he has but one plan; to destroy the Earth, his prison, so he can never be sent there again. Then he will exist as he chooses, forever in the Absolute, under no one’s direction but his own. Modo has already discovered a spell to do this, but lacks several necessary components. It seems he will need some help to accomplish his task.

The Character Alignment

In addition to choosing one of the Unlikely Heroes to play as, the player also chooses an alignment. The three alignments are Good, Evil and Neutral. Each alignment represents a different ultimate goal for the player. By choosing Good, the player is choosing to stop Modo in his quest to destroy the world by destroying him. By choosing Evil, the player is choosing to aid Modo in his quest by destroying anyone who gets in Modo’s way. By choosing Neutral, the player is choosing to neither aid nor defy Modo directly, preferring to destroy the most powerful individuals, be they Good or Evil.

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