Death Inc Demo (PC/MAC/Linux)


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From some of the minds that brought you LittleBigPlanet, Fable and Burnout comes a pungent re-imagining of the Black Death.
Guide Grim T. Livingstone, freelance reaper, through 1660's England spreading fear, pestilence and most importantly, the bubonic plague.
Death Inc. is a freehand strategy game, a unique mix of real-time strategy, god game and business simulation. Paint your orders into the land and unleash your infected minions on serfs, wenches and noblemen. Use harvested souls to build your business empire and strive to become the greatest reaper the world has ever endured.
As they say at Death Inc, not all plagues are bad for business!

This may be the earliest hands-on you have ever had at a game! Death Inc. has been in development for a total of 10 weeks. It is a tiny slice of what we hope to achieve with the game.
It is pre-alpha which means the game is not finished, the performance and quality is not representative of the final game, and of course you may find bugs.

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