Die for Valhalla! Alpha Demo


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Die for Valhalla! is a beat ‘em up with a paranormal twist. You are a Valkyrie, a ghostly witch, sent to help Vikings save their world.

As a Valkyrie your job is to turn Vikings into heroes through battles and heroic deeds like rescuing other warriors. Your efforts are measured through the amount of Glory they gain and for that you are awarded with new abilities and bonuses.

For the purposes of better illustrating the game mechanics of Die for Valhalla! we've created a little demo just for the Kickstarter Campaign! The demo doesn't fully represent the final game, but will introduce you to the gameplay of Die for Valhalla!

This demo is a short (about 10 minutes) experience that takes you through the basics of being a Valkyrie.

Disclaimer: Though this demo features the gameplay and combat mechanics of Die for Valhalla! it was created from a work in progress and a lot of it is a subject to change. That being said, have fun!

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