Dragonshard Singleplayer Demo


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Prepare for an RTS of superior gameplay and artistry, a realm of mythic armies and ancient technologies. In the D&D® world of Eberron, three desperate factions fight the ultimate war not just across the land, but also beneath it.

Plunge warriors below ground to an RPG-style underworld that affects the strategy maneuvers above. Control armies of haunting power from another time, another plane, another bloodline, in this innovative fantasy experience. Deliver the world into the light… or bury it deep within the shadows.


*Unique multilayered action: dramatic RTS tactics combined with, and affected by, an RPG underworld of beasts and bounty
Three warring factions:
the many races of the Order Of The Flame
the proud reptilian Lizardfolk
the power-hungry Umbragen (playable in Multiplayer modes)

*Threatening environments including jungles, snow-capped mountains and arid wastelands
*An ingenious "village grid system," where adjacent buildings can yield cooperative powers
*Set in the acclaimed new Dungeons & Dragons® world of Eberron, with a story written by Eberron creator Keith Baker

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