Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition Demo


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This new demo for Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition lets you play 3 of the 7 available races in the game - each with its own unique characteristics and specializations. To survive this large and lengthy demo.

In addition to all of the latest updates, The Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition includes new quests, spells, effects, monsters and amazing new heraldries and character customizations to take your RPG experience even deeper. The Collector's Edition also ships in a limited edition painted metal casing that is sure to look great on any collector's shelf.

Dungeon Lords is a new breed of epic Fantasy RPG, a unique combination of RPG and Fighter game action in full 3D, featuring a deep storyline shrouded in mystery, surprise, and betrayal.

*Non-stop game action and exploration in full 3rd person 3D, including outdoor wilderness, swamps, forests, mountains, arctic lands, towns, villages, castles, dungeons, temples, caves, and forbidden ruins.
*Nail-biting 3D combat action featuring an arsenal of attack and defense combo moves with real time player control of all combat tactics, including a vast selection of weaponry, magic spells and powerful artifacts.
*Loads of personal quests and missions, featuring a world full of NPC characters to interact and bargain with, some who may become your ally, others who may be your enemy.
*Create your own character hero, choosing from a variety of races and multiple class specializations, featuring detailed character hero development that includes a host of personal attributes, skills, and special abilities.
*Extensive Inventory that features common, rare, and unique items
*Full support for both Single-Player stand-alone and Multi-Player group game sessions.
*Designed, written and developed by award winning computer game author D.W.Bradley.

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