Echelon demo released



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ECHELON is a futuristic military aircraft simulation set in the distant future. The player assumes the role of a pilot of the Galactic Federation, defending a planet attacked by rebels in possession of secret alien technology which, they hope, will help them to overcome the Federation and conquer all the surrounding worlds.

In the course of the game, the player advances his/her military career; success in battle brings ever-higher ranks, new opportunities to choose aircraft and weapons, and even to control squad actions or whole battles.

There will be two war campaigns in the game, each of which features up to 30 non-linear missions, under various weather-conditions and at different time of day/night. The players actions will affect not only his own career, but the course of the whole war; to play STORM/ECHELON only once just won't be enough. There will be several difficulty levels and training missions in the game. The game requires a 3D accelerator, using its power to the full for striking effects, dynamic lightning, shadows, etc. The graphics also include detailed, highly realistic physics and environments: the game takes place in the sky above a huge planet which it takes 8 real-time flying hours to cross, with beautiful landscapes, detailed models of various objects, civil, military and industrial buildings, etc.

Key features:
Aircrafts of 14 types, which can be equipped with 16 different weapons.
More then 200 types of military machines and structures.
Huge terrain size (up to several hours of flight).
Highly realistic and detailed 3D graphics. 1000-2000 polygons on player controlled aircraft, up to 20000 polygons on some of terrain objects.
Dynamic lighting and shadow effects.
True physics of aircraft flying and real-time damage effects.
Multiplayer support via LAN and modem up to 16 players.
3D sound System.

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