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Battlefield: 1942: Eve of Destruction Demo 10%

Eve Of Destruction Demo 10%:
Currently EoD does not support:

*Linux Servers (it will work but we have seen some wierd bugs)
*Single Player
*Every Battlefield map (only ones with the EoD icon will work)
*Probably no 1.4 support yet, we will make it ASAP when see when 1.4 is out

Known Issues:

First person weapon models need to be finished, we currently use the 3rd person weapons which looks not that good in your hands. Next patch will hopefully contain them along with the CH-47 and the C-130.

EoD is optimized for 32+ multiplayer servers. You might find EoD boring when playing it alone or with few people.


If you had the EoD test version, delete the complete EOD folder in Battlefield1942/mods

After downloading the .exe file, execute it. The install tool should automatic find your Battlefield 1942 folder if it is proper installed and not a cracked version. After installation is complete, start Battlefield 1042, go to custom game and select EoD and activate the mod. Search servers with a lower ping than 200 and at least 14 players on them. EoD may not work with Cracked Battlefield versions, so go and buy the game :)

Current Maps:

Charly Doesnt Surf: Air campaign brought on by the U.S. Forces. Imagine your object as U.S. Soldier to takeover 2 islands containing 4 control points. Each heavily guarded by MarkII PBR, Mig 17's, PT 76's , Type 63 and well placed AntiAir. As VC you have a common goal....DEFEND YOUR POSITION, as US you have to make a coordinated Huey assault with all machines available. You will loose probably 2 or 3 hueys when you assault the beach in a formation. Without a coordinated attack you won't be able to get the beach.

CloseFire: No artillery, No air, just you and your enemy face to face. If you cant hang with the big dogs then get behind the rest, because this map will make a true soldier out of you.

Hill937: As the US your faced with making it to the top of a hillside in which the VC are steadily approaching your every move. If taken over your only resort to defend your last 2 positions against a slew of VC racing down off the hill into the brush hiding for cover and the quickest shot on you possible. US side does contain hueys but if the VC make to the base then take the fight to the ground. Its your only chance

NightOps: This map takes plave in a foggy forest region and will be total night in later builds.

Qua Son Valley: Vietnam is beatuful, as you can see in this map. US Hueys firing loads on Vietcong villages, and the Vietcong hide in the forests and bushes and taking them down with their AA guns and hand weapons. Also many vehicles to get to several villages.

River Village: Both US & VC armed to the teeth for and an all out ground battle over a small village in the center of a river sometimes level with PBR's firing heavily towards you. Keep your eyes and ears open because on this map this is your most important weapon.

Tonkin Air Engagement: AIR AIR AIR!!!!!! VC with a quiet base, US with a carrier in the distance with a capture point on both East and West side of the map. This time the flyboys come out to play non stop action.

Two Bridges: Both sides starting at base. You've got the option to take it to the air or take it to the ground. 4 common capture points, with of course two bridges dividing the 2 sides. With air assualt firing down on you from the sky, and snipers taking you out from distance, your only chance is teamwork. Watch out around each corner and crevasse because your enemy could be waiting for you.

No other military conflict is comparable to those dramatic years of the 20th century. Most rumors spread about the Indochaina and Vietnam War are not honest, even though it was the best documented war in history. No other conflict was that controversal and pointed to an unloved fact : not our enemy is the only source of evil, the evil can be found within ourselves. The "Eve Of Destruction" mod is a tribute to the U.S. , ARVN and Vietcong/NVA soldiers who fought and died in Vietnam, and also to the Vietnamese people.

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