Evochron Renegades 1.908 Demo


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Version 1.908 is ready for download and includes the following improvements.

- New multiplayer clan linking option added, different clan groups can now
adjust their threat levels with each other in-game.
- Increased sensor and radio cover provided by nebulae for better shelter from
hostile ships and their reinforcements.
- Unified universe data file management system for server operated multiplayer
- For TrackIR, HAT strafe control now functions with 3D head tracking active.
- Multiplayer chat tracking and gamestate updates improved in shipyard.
- Server status checking now available for password enabled games.
- Mouse wheel can now be used to scroll through map log entries.
- Three second delay added to looping 'low altitude' warning.

The server program has also been updated for the new build and includes the
addition of a date stamp on recorded messages in addition to the time stamp, by
player request. The update also includes the universe data file integrity check.

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