Evochron Renegades v1.888


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StarWraith 3D Games has released an updated demo for Evochron Renegades, a freeform first person 3D space-sim.

Evochron Renegades is the sequel to Evochron Alliance with a lot of design aspects heavily influenced by player feedback and requests. It is a first person 3D space combat, trader, and mercenary simulation. You can make diverse buying, fighting, and travelling decisions in a large universe without the hesitation of turn-based gameplay or the reduced immersion of an overhead/outside view. You are literally in the action with a consistent first person viewpoint and make all gameplay decisions directly from the cockpit.

The main goal of the game's design is to provide the only freeform space-sim that lets you buy, trade, negotiate, bribe, spy, race, transport, mine, explore, recruit, design your ship, and protect in an open, seamless universe (without loading screens or sudden environment flipping) also without system 'walls' or required jump/warp gates. Freedom, interaction, and gameplay choices are the priorities of the game's design. Fly where you want, when you want, and complete a wide variety of activities to advance in the game and make your fortune.

Evochron Renegades offers many unique space combat and trading elements, including a real-time dynamic changing economy, seamless environment transitions, multi-level threat system, commodity/item trading, ship-to-ship trading in all gameplay modes, planetary descents, diverse control support (Mouse, Keyboard, AND Joystick control options), unrestricted open space jump drive travel and navigation system, realistic Newtonian physics, fuel resource management, per ship bribing, realistic revolving inventory availability, in-cockpit inventory and trade management, gravity effects, AI based trade negotiating, and more.

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