Far Gate

Far Gate
Far Gate
Far Gate
Far Gate


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Either Earth was wrong, or they lied.......

As ex-black marketeer Jacob Viscero, stowaway aboard the colony vessel Copernicus, your 15 year journey has just completed. Now aboard your temporary home, the space station Destiny, the sensor data has been analyzed.
The habitable world that was your destination does not exist.

-Take command of 75 unique vessels from 3 radically different races. Your mission is to lead the Proximan colonists to safety, back to Terra to bring your vengeance to bear on those who have betrayed them.
-Feel a scale as massive as creation- the action takes place throughout the galaxy.
-State-of-the-art custom engine that allows 3D, real time battles of enormous proportions.
-Newtonian physics based motion to impart a sense of realistic space flight, including inertia, angular momentum, gravity, and mass.
-Dynamic, 3D playfields across the galaxy that provide a new twist on gameplay: the solar systems are always in motion, so the battlefield is always changing.
-Cooperative pilot behavior through squadrons and formations.
-Stunning visual effects rendered in real-time 3D to create detailed spacecraft, planets, asteroids, suns, nebulas, and other stellar objects.
-Watch an engaging, three chapter storyline unfold and evolve over the course of 16 missions and solar systems.
-Intuitive, yet powerful 3D interface.
-DirectX code base to make the most of your computers hardware.

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