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Neuron Entertainments Description:

Filbert Fledgling® is a high speed action game that is sure to bring you hours of non-stop fun! Using the overwhelming horsepower that PCs now pack, Filbert Fledgling® was developed with the highest quality in mind.

Thanks to it's up beat style, Filbert Fledgling® breathes a breath of fresh air into the gloom of the current game market. With the market flooded with carnage and mayhem, we feel it is our duty to give the public something different than the traditional kill or be killed first-person shooters that are flooding the stores.

Filbert Fledgling® presents a whimsical type gaming atmosphere developed with an audience of all ages in mind. Traverse your way through countless paths of scenery and labyrinths of terrain to get Filbert back to his family to be properly cared for.

Developed using Neuron Entertainment's Hammer PixieTM technology, Filbert Fledgling® is much more dynamic than traditional platform games. You'll get higher levels of detail, smoother animation, and more configurability than traditionally seen.

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